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Looking forward to a summer of bliss

As much as open source is about free and open software, it is also about community and GNOME is one big family! I started contributing to GNOME Pitivi, a video editor, in late January. Thanks to the extremely helpful current maintainers, Alexandru Băluț (aleb) and Thibault Saunier (thiblahute) I was able to quickly get started despite all of my university proxy related issues (I should get a VPN already!). I explored the codebase, made a few changes here and there fixing a few beginner level bugs.

This post is my first report on my Google Summer of Code project (yup! I got selected)

This summer, I will be improving Pitivi giving it the ability to add custom UI for video effects and also make a Color correction interface with three color wheels to improve user interaction and productivity! Mathieu Duponchelle (previous maintainer) will be mentoring my project. The only interaction I’ve had with Mathieu is over one of my failed attempts at solving a waveform bug :P. I look forward to learning a lot from him.

Stay tuned for updates regarding my summer of code!